¿Qué hacemos en nuestro primer taller Great Communicators para preadolescentes?


LET’ S AGREE, DISAGREE… AND STAY FRIENDS ¿Qué hacemos en nuestro primer taller Great Communicators para preadolescentes? — ¡Tú, qué buena esa serie! — Pues a mí me ha parecido una mierda… — Qué dices si está guapísima, — Pero si es una mierda pinchada en un palo — Oye no hace falta insultar, eh… — Joder cómo te pones si yo no te he insultado a ti — Pero si llamas mierda a lo que me gusta me insultas… — Pues mucha gente lo dice… Esta conversación, frecuente entre jóvenes (o no) permite llegar a varias conclusiones sobre nuestros hábitos de comunicación: Sabemos expresar con fuerza [...]

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What is a good accent?


What is a good accent? ¿What can I do to improve it? Most people will answer that a good accent is a native accent. And it makes sense. Yet Amerizano’s endearing video shows it’s not that easy. ¿British or American? ¿What standard do I choose as a model? Even if my native target model is clear, it might be an unrealistic goal for many adults who no longer have the ear and phonic skills we have as kids. But we can still aim for an International English accent that sounds competent and confident. That is why at Expression Express we [...]

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Welcome to our new website


Hi, Welcome to our brand new web. A dear friend has helped us create it (thank you so much) and we are really happy to share it with you. Hope you like it! Our blog is called Language Matters. Why? Because it will talk about matters concerning language learning and language use.   And because language matters (el lenguaje importa). The way you say something can make or break a business deal, an occasion, a budding (incipiente) relationship… You may wonder why we didn’t call it English Matters, given that it is English that we study. And that [...]

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